Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog Content

I enjoy reading Julie Leung's blog as she shares personal insights which originate from reading other blogs, from her own experiences, or both. I'm amazed how she has time to find gems on the web and distill it down into something interesting that relates to her own observations.

In a recent entry, Julie discussed why one might want to be careful about what is posted on a blog. She's commented on this before and has strict boundaries for her own blog. It makes sense -- I've seen the Star Wars kid video. But what was more intriguing was a link she provided to a "true crime" blog called The Dark Side. I can't vouch for the integrity of the blog, but at face value this person researches blogs of people who have been arrested for committing certain crimes. I was amazed at the content that someone who allegedly committed a crime would post on the web! I found it both disturbing and intriguing. I wonder how many more of these sorts of sites are out there?

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