Friday, June 30, 2006

Dinner at KCC

KCC Culinary 1 Tonight we went to dinner at the Kapiolani Community College Culinary Institute with Milton, Carol, Michelle, Marc, Taylor, and Grandma Tong. The restaurant is a proving ground for the students in the culinary program. The presentations of all the food were wonderful and everything tasted good -- although in true Top Chef fashion, there was a lot of analysis of the flavors. We had a nice appetizer of brie cheese baked in a phylo dough pastry with a fig and fruit sauce. The house salad was mixed greens stuffed inside a hollowed out tomato with wax beans, green beans, and sliced avocado on the side. I had a grilled pork loin with an onion sauce as my main entre. Dessert was a pear tart with a frangipan glaze and ice cream. It was a very nice dinner. I took a couple camera phone pictures of the main dish (at left) and a spring roll appetizer that you can see here.


Anonymous said...

Ray and I are in agreement - you are making us sick with all the kewl stuff your doing. You're very lucky we like you. :) Hope your having fun! - Carla & Ray

Ray D'Alonzo said...

I had lunch today at the world famous Lakeside Cafe. I had hand-tossed dough dressed with tomato base sause and imported grated cheese and topped with sliced Italian peperoni.

Dianne said...

The wasabi-crusted fresh fish was good, but everything else was a bit of an onion-fest!