Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fall in the Air

Fall06The mornings are getting cool, it's getting dark earlier, and some of the leaves here are changing color. Here is a view in our neighborhood. It's a pretty time of year. The other night, Dianne and I went for a walk and we were crunching acorns on the sidewalk under our feet. That action brought back memories of Fall as a kid trying to squeeze in some play time in the nice weather -- before having to bundle up for outdoor fun in the winter. The acorns given up by the oak trees in the Fall were not only useful to the squirrels getting ready for winter, they were also good ammo for us in mock battles or as a diversion tool to distract the searcher during a game of tin can alley. Do kids do stuff like that anymore or is that just too crazy in the video game, cell phone, and MySpace era?


Patrick said...

Although we sometimes have to force them outside on a nice day, I'm happy to report the neighborhood kids still get together and rake a giant leaf pile to jump in. They look forward to the early dark so they can play flashlight tag, and while it's still light they play kick the can, spud, etc.

Yasser said...

nice photo; did you modify it from original?

Earl said...

Funny you should ask. After I took the photo, I realized I had the camera set for fluorescent lighting. When I imported into photoshop elements, I did an auto correction to get a daylight appearance. The water looks a bit green due to a chemical treatment that was just added to reduce weed growth. It's a good representation of the actual scene.