Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Flashback

Erika does a lot of Friday Flashback posts on her blog. I don't have the discipline to do that on a regular basis -- and my memory isn't that good. My dad sent some old photos recently that inspired this flashback post.

The first photo is me, just over two years old, sitting on cinder blocks that my dad used to build an addition on to the garage. You have got to love the Minnesota Twins baseball cap. My dad needed the extra space as he ran a bicycle shop and used the addition to store bikes that needed to be assembled. I do remember that part of the garage being loaded with bicycle boxes on occasion.

Me on Blocks

The second photo is of me riding a bicycle in a parade in Randall, Minnesota when I was twelve. It was a fourth of July parade. This wasn't just any bike. My dad spoked the wheels using many different length spokes so that the hubs of the wheels were off center. If you look closely, especially at the front wheel, you can see the hub is off center in the wheel. When you pedaled the bike it bobbed up and down or rocked back and forth depending on whether or not the wheels were in sync. It was quite a sight! The pole on the back held a sign for Dick's Broiler, a local hamburger joint that we stopped at now and then.

Me in a Parade


Erika Jean said...

Yey flashback!! (I don't do them every Friday anyway :-) )
I bet that bike was hard to
ride. The concept sounds pretty neat though!

Where did you grow up?

Dianne said...

The BIKE was quite a sight? LOL...what the heck are YOU wearing on your head!?!

Earl said...

I grew up in central Minnesota.

And I'm wearing a chef's hat :^)

Dianne said...

I like "Dick's Broiler" as a derby name!