Friday, February 11, 2005

Creative Thinking

What's the trick to stimulate creative thinking? If you have a definitive answer to that question you'll make a fortune. Looking around the web or a library you'll see all kinds of suggestions to lead you to the next breakthrough idea.

In the last couple weeks, I've seen two approaches to stimulate creative thinking. I was struck by the similarity between the ideas. They both force you to sit back and take time to think. Both use a deck of cards as a simple tool to bring out your own potential during your thinking time. Although used for different purposes, the basic concept is pretty simple. The first approach suggests using tarot cards and the second uses a set of Genie cards. There is a free on-line Genie that illustrates the use of that deck.

The idea of making time to think and bringing out your own potential also reminds me of rubber ducking.

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Very Good post on Creative thinking.

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