Monday, February 14, 2005

Macy's Wedding Registry

You remember Mary Kay Letourneau -- the married, then mother of 4, grade school teacher who had sex with one of her students. She served 6 months in prison and, when released, was caught with him again. She was sent back to prison. What I didn't realize is that she was released after serving 7 ½ years. How time flies.

As a postscript to the story, Mary Kay had the court overturn the no contact order when she was released. I guess not a big deal now that her former student was over 21. He proposed and the two plan to be married this Spring. If you plan on going to the wedding, you can check out the bridal registry at the Macys site.

Jill Sobule will have to write another song -- or at least add a verse to her Mary Kay song.

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