Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Flight

CloudLayer1 Went on a short flight on Sunday afternoon. It's nice now that it is cooling off a bit. I got so much grief about all the airplane pictures, I thought I'd post some pictures taken from the plane.

There was a scattered cloud layer this afternoon at about 5000 feet. The clouds were separated enough that it was easy to get through them. It was a bit bumpy below the first cloud layer. As usual, it was very smooth once you got above it. Although the resolution isn't great, you can also see the sunlight catching the haze below the clouds (click on the pic or see a larger version). It is much clearer up above the first layer. I always find it fun to fly around the clouds. It illustrates a lot about the weather, heating/cooling, etc. As long as there isn't severe weather or ice involved, it's neat to fly over or in a cloud layer. I flew around a bit and then did a descending spiral back down through a gap in the layer. Dianne just loves these steep, spiraling turns.
I also flew over the Dayton area. At the left is an aerial view of the Dayton Wright Brothers field (KMGY). It's located just south of Dayton out of the Dayton international airspace. It's a very nice airport. The runway is in great shape, there is a large ramp for parking, and the FBO gives very good service even to the little planes like mine.

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