Saturday, December 03, 2005


I love DVR! It really has changed the way we watch TV. It's also let us find and watch some shows we'd have missed in the past. One of my new favorites is Survivorman. This guy goes into various wilderness sites for a week alone, with minimal equipment and two cameras. He films himself as he hikes, finds or makes shelter, and looks for food. The survival aspects are interesting and his photography is great. It requires a lot of extra work to place the cameras, get the shot, and retrieve them -- especially when hiking! We catch it on the Discovery Science channel. It's worth a watch if it's available in your area.

After watching the Survivorman start a fire using a spindle driven by a bow made with a shoestring, I asked Dianne if she thought we could do that. Of course not was her reply. Most of the time we are wearing Merrell shoes which don't have laces. I guess we need to carry this Altoid survival kit that has parachute cord around it. We'll need fire to burn the zombies.

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Magnus said...

I love Survivorman. Great show! Les Stroud is busy filming season 2 of Survivorman now so we should have some new episodes to watch soon.

I really do like Survivorman better than Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls seems to try to hard to make shock television by making a show of gross things like eating live trout, peeing on a rag before wearing it, drinking the juice from elephant dung, etc. Stroud's approach is far more practical and conservative, nice and safe.