Sunday, December 11, 2005

Animal Crossing - Wild World

DS Animal Crossing2aLast week we picked up copies of the new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo DS. If you've played Animal Crossing before, you'll pick this up quickly. All your favorite characters (I like K.K. Slider) are there. I've noticed a couple changes, but they are easy to figure out by talking to the townspeople. I've set up Earltown and here is a picture of me in front of my new house. The Yankee Star design is starting to catch on around Earltown.

We've tried the DS to DS communication-very easy. We were able to exchange apples and pears. We've set up the Wi-Fi connection, but haven't tried it yet. Being able to have visitors in town while you're doing other things adds a new dimension to the game.


Anonymous said...

Hi Earl

I'm amazed at the near limitless customizing. Dad

Nikoru said...

Hello. Randomly browsing blogs. Hee hee. ^_^

The Animal Crossing games are fun indeed.

Have you ever played We Love Katamari for PS2? I think you would like it. You should look into it.