Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dream Dinners Session

Thanks again to Kyle and Tresha for giving us a sneak preview to Dream Dinners. Dianne had a post about it here. On Friday evening, I had our first true session where I assembled the ingredients for 6 different dinners. It wasn't too bad, although I was on the slow side. I'm rationalizing it because I split 4 of the entrees into two separate portions so we wouldn't be having leftovers for days and days. The most difficult entree was the chicken crepes. That took awhile to make the filling, fill and roll the crepes, and make the sauce for the top. When I was done, I was glad we had picked that item as that is never something I would have tried making at home on my own. It would have been too much work to assemble all the ingredients and make the crepes itself before doing the assembly.

Dianne stopped in to help me load up the car when done. I still can't lift much with my left arm. She got there early so she went to the neighboring GameStop to look around and then she played with her DS in the Dream Dinners waiting area until I was done.

On Saturday, we had the oven baked almond chicken -- scroll down here and you can click on the description. I thought it was really good. I think it'll work out well having some Dream Dinner items on hand.

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The Kman said...

Just had the Chicken Crepes Tresha made. They are delicious! I am sure that is a dinner you will enjoy.