Sunday, December 10, 2006

National Toy Hall of Fame

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY has a National Toy Hall of Fame. Check out an online version of the items here. I was fortunate to have many of these toys while growing up. Tonka toys, Legos, Slinky, Etch-a-sketch (although I never made sketches like these), Lincoln Logs, etc. The list brought back a lot of memories. I was pleasantly surprised to see the cardboard box on the list--Dianne didn't get it. I got lots of boxes when my dad received orders for his shop. A little imagination and a box can be hours of entertainment.


Patrick said...

This is a MUCH better list than the top 100 songs. :)

My only complaint--who ever really played with a jack-in-the-box for more than 5 minutes? I think I might have to replace it with Weebles, Hot Wheels, the Big Wheel, or maybe Evel Knievel stuff. My favorite of all time is the electronic football game that vibrates and makes the little plastic guys run around--I spent hours with that!

breeze said...

Awesome fun!