Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's a Roller Derby Weekend+

This Saturday night the Cincinnati Rollergirls have another double header scheduled at the Cincinnati Gardens. The CRG Silent Lambs will battle the North Star Rollergirls from Minneapolis. You can see the North Star travel team here. I know all you Minnesota readers will be pulling for the North Star team, but we'll see if they are in one piece after challenging the Lambs. In the other WFTDA bout, the CRG Black Sheep will take on the Steel City Derby Demons from Pittsburgh. You can see the Pittsburgh travel team here. According to the rankings on Flat Track Stats, the Black Sheep should have a good night. Be there to cheer all the CRG folks on.

On Thursday evening, the Cincinnati Rollergirls will be in the Milford Frontier Days Parade. This is also their pep rally for the bout on Saturday. For more info on the parade route, check out the Frontier Days site here.

Also, on Friday evening, the Rollergirls will be at the C&D Cafe in Northside from 7-9:30. That was posted on the CRG Flock message board. I'm sure you're all registered there and visit regularly, so this is probably old news.


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You didn't menation that you will have additions to your cheering section Saturday night!!! I'll have to decide when I get there who I'm cheering for (kidding) :) See ya Sat!