Monday, June 02, 2008

Out and About on Sunday

Watching Her TaxiYesterday Dianne and I went to Lunken airport to see the Liberty Belle, a B-17 Flying Fortress. You can read the specifics about the plane here. It's always a thrill to see a beautifully restored warbird in use. I saw it fly over our place on Saturday. I heard it coming -- a very unusual engine sound. I knew the plane was in town this weekend so I popped my head out the window and saw it flying back down to Lunken.

I didn't take a ride. The $430 price for a 20-30 minute ride was too steep for me. It was just great to watch it in action. There was quite a crowd as you see in the photo to the right showing the Belle taxiing for takeoff. The photo below shows the Belle on the ramp near the old terminal, exchanging passengers for the next flight. If you look closely, you'll see the left two props spinning as they wait to load.

Liberty Belle

After visiting Lunken, we drove to Devou park in Covington, Kentucky. The park is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati and there is a pavilion at the top with an overlook that gives a wonderful view of the Ohio river and downtown Cincinnati. The photo below shows us at the overlook with downtown Cincinnati to the left. A nice park to catch the view.

Us at Devou

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