Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Things From Work

Working FastA couple weeks ago the weekly theme for the Macro Mondays group on Flickr was "things from work." I expected there would be a lot of photos of typical desk items, so I tried to think of something different.

The photo to the right is actually a composite of several shots of my hand in different positions above the calculator to give a sense of movement. I started with a base photo of the calculator with my left hand beside it. I overlayed the photos of my right hand on top of that. I'm not that great at Photoshop, so it took forever to piece together. I tried another shot using a long exposure and moving my hand, but I like the photo here a bit better.

A friend at work was kind enough to let me borrow a model of a human vertebra. Before moving to the QA area, I worked in different osteoporosis research positions. It was always handy to have models around for discussion purposes. This is a vertebra from the second lumbar level. I used two diffused flashes (one from the right and one from the left rear) to create the shadows and bring out some of the texture of the bone. It pops out nicely from the black felt background.


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