Saturday, March 25, 2006

Some New Gadgets

I found a couple new gadgets (at least new to me) while surfing this weekend.

For the cook in the house, these "foodloops" look pretty interesting. Tying up food with twine is always such a hassle. These look silicone based like the baking mats and hot pads now available.

For the readers, you know it's difficult to read a book with one hand -- especially a paperback. This ThumbThing is a great, simple idea to keep a book wide open with one hand.

For the builder who aspires to be the next American Idol, this Edison style phonograph kit is pretty neat. You record your voice on plastic cups. I know, it's easier to use the microphone built into your computer.

And for all you snowboarders, I'm sure this will be on your list for the summer months.


Anonymous said...


Interesting, and sounds inexpensive.I'd like to see these gadgets some day. How is your back? Much better I hope.

Dad Goto

Anonymous said...

SWEET! I'd like one of those snowboard gadgets for long as I don't need a computer and Internet access to enjoy it.