Monday, August 28, 2006

Murals With a 3D Appearance

CinciRollergirls_SRS_4There has been a lot of buzz about this mural on a building in Columbus, OH. Although it's a flat wall, the 3D effect of depth incorporated into the mural is done so well that it made me wonder if it was real or if it was done using Photoshop. (I guess that skeptical nature is part of the low trust block in my personal DNA.)

Thanks to Carla for sharing a co-worker's email, I found out the artist who made the mural is Eric Grohe. He has a very nice website that has a gallery of his work. There is a nice before and after comparison of the building shown at the left. Personally, I like the murals that he did for the Miller Brewing Company that you can see here. This mural is my favorite. I wonder how many people have walked into the wall thinking they were going down a hallway.

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Anonymous said...

Woooo HOoooo For me! I'm now famous!!! Sk8 Crime, here I come!!! hahah.. :) There's a few of these in Downtown Middletown,OH and Franklin, OH if you ever get bored. They are pretty neat. :) -CARLA-