Monday, August 07, 2006

Super Roll Sunday

It's coming up fast...Super Roll Sunday...the premier bout of the Cincinnati Roller Girls. You can get tickets now online or at a few locations around town. Dianne and I will see you there this weekend. You can read more about the group at the Roller Girls website or get one insider's view on the Roller Derby Diva's blog on the site.

I don't know anything about the people involved, but I have to say I thought the player number for "The Librarian" on the team "The Full Metal Corsets" was kind of funny. Her number is 739.27 T213E which is the call number for a book written by Elizabeth Taylor called Elizabeth Taylor: my love affair with jewelry. I guess The Librarian is a Liz Taylor fan. I wonder if she has a magical horse with wings that will help her move through the pack as a jammer. We'll see on Sunday.


The Kman said...

This looks so cool! If we don't have anything else going on Sunday I might see if I can talk Tresha into going.

The Librarian said...

Hey Earl! I'm glad to see you found my autobiography...I was wondering if anyone would catch on. ; )
Thanks so much for supporting your local Librarian and the Cincinnati Rollergirls! I'm back in action, my shoulder's all better, and the Full Metal Corsets scored a win last night against the Bloody a nose. Hope to see ya back in Loveland on 10/29/06.
Rock out, roll on - The Librarian... aka: Liz Taylor

The Librarian said...

ps...alas, I have no magical horse.