Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Thought I had Everything

I packed heavy for this trip - even more than usual. The weather forecast for this weekend in Reno is cool. After sitting through snow flurries for the final race a couple years ago, I packed some cold weather items for this trip. However, tomorrow is supposed to be over 90, so I also have shorts and sandals. I also brought a wind jacket which is good since Thursday they are predicting 20-30 mph winds gusting to 40! I wonder how much racing there will be if it is that windy. In any case, I packed for everything. I have it all.

Dianne took me to the airport this morning. We were nearly there when she asked if I packed the binoculars. Crap! That's the one thing I forgot. So I stopped at REI in Reno to get a pair. Don't want to miss any action on the back side of the course.

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