Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ice Cream is Verbotten

I’m no expert on explosives. However, I learned today that a child’s enzymes can convert ice cream into an explosive mixture that can take down a plane. Either that or the TSA classifies ice cream as a liquid, gel or aerosol.

A little kid was about a third of the way done with an ice cream cone purchased on the concourse and the family was going to board their flight. They were called to board. The TSA agent wouldn’t let the ice cream on the plane. Wow! Wouldn’t a kid get sick if he were eating ice cream with explosives in it? The kid was bawling when they threw out the ice cream to board. I’m glad I wasn’t on that flight!

Thanks, George. I feel much safer flying without kids with ice cream.

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Kate said...

And I always though a child's food only became a danger when it came out the other end - how wrong was I LOL Glad to see the authorities are on top of the problem of evil toddlers and their exploding food.