Saturday, April 07, 2007

Google Mobile SMS

Dianne pointed out a Google Labs product a couple weeks ago called Google SMS. It lets you make a Google search via a text message from your cell phone. It is really slick. If you go to the Google SMS page there is a sample interface where you can try it. They also have a list of sample searches. It's a handy tool when you're out and about and not near a computer.

Today we were out and about and wanted to see the movie Grindhouse, but didn't know the show times. While sipping our smoothies, I just sent a text message containing "Grindhouse" and our zip code and about 10 seconds later the movie times at neighboring theaters popped up as text messages. That is really handy. The only watch out is that searches like that may be long and so the results are split into several messages. If your plan doesn't have a lot of text messages, just be aware one query could produce several messages and be judicious about your searching.

We did see Grindhouse today. It's a long double feature, but we both enjoyed it a lot! Brace yourself for a lot of gore. Dianne was jumping out of her seat and grabbing me during some scenes. I liked the first segment a bit better, but they were both good. Definitely a 'buy' when the DVD comes out.

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