Saturday, April 14, 2007

"New" Wine Store

This afternoon, Dianne and I noticed a couple "new" stores in the strip mall on the east side of Kenwood Road just south of Montgomery -- across from the Graeter's ice cream store. Tucked away on the south end of the strip is a store called microWINES. We noticed their sign the last few weeks and thought the place was new. We stopped in to look and found out they have been there over a year, but put up new signs relatively recently.

It's a very nice store that offers a wide variety of wines from smaller wineries across the world. The store has an elegant look and the two staff folks we met were very knowledgeable about the wines. They have a tasting table that is always open, so Dianne and I tried a pinot grigio and a tempranillo red wine from Spain. Both were very nice, but I liked the Kios wine a lot.

They have lots of tasting and education events, they will track your purchases to help you remember what you bought, and they have information about wines in their inventory on their website or available via kiosks in the store. If you're into wine and in the neighborhood, stop in and check out the store.

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