Sunday, April 29, 2007

Recent Flying Adventures

Tony at MQJI've been a blogging slug. A week ago Friday (4/20), I took the afternoon off and took a trip to the Indianapolis Mount Comfort airport on the east side of Indy. It's a very nice airport with two perpendicular runways so it's easy to land no matter which way the wind is blowing. It's also the home of Indy Aero where I bought Tony. Indy Aero is a very nice FBO -- very professional, courteous service. They have a large ramp for parking. The photo at right is Tony parked on the ramp in front of their building. Indy Aero is a big Cessna dealer and so they always have used aircraft for sale. Although you can check out there inventory on the web, it's fun to fly in and see what they have. Nothing there was better than Tony.

Today I got some practice in by flying in the Cincinnati area and up towards Richmond, IN. When I took off the winds were gusty. My first destination was the Butler County airport for some landing practice in the gusty winds. That went well. Afterwards, I did various maneuvers and slow flight/stalls just south of Richmond and then headed home. Although it was a bit windy and bumpy, it was a beautiful day to fly as there were just a couple puffy clouds at about 5000 feet.

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