Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Need 2 Pairs of Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses for only a few years now. I noticed when reading things weren’t quite as sharp as they used to be, especially in my right eye. I was starting to hold things further away from my eyes to improve the focus while reading. The eye doctor said they weren’t that bad, but if it bothered me I should get reading glasses. I did. I’ve grown dependent on them now, especially in situations with bad lighting.

When I first got my glasses, I was cleaning them constantly. I still clean them a fair amount. Mostly at work where I have a handy stash of pre-moistened cleaning wipes within easy reach. Today I was due for a cleaning because I didn’t go to work on the 4th of July holiday.

I took out a wipe, cleaned the lenses, and put the glasses back on. It was better – most of the specs were gone. But now there were some smears. How could that be? I took them off again and held them directly under my desk lamp while striking my best trombone player pose to get the glasses further away. Sure enough, smudges.

Another wet wipe and a couple outstretched arm’s length inspections later, everything was fine. Ah…I can read clearly once again. However, in a couple of years I’ll need some prosthetic arm extensions so I can tell what I’m doing when cleaning my glasses. Either that or I need a second pair of reading glasses to use just when cleaning my glasses. Yikes!

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~Carla~ said...

POOR thing! I can help you, you know. Just let me know, and i'll come clean your lenses.. haha! Ok, I would gladly help, and not in a make fun of you kind of way. :)
There are other wipes you can use. or even sprays - and then you can wipe on your specs..

:) Chin up, there's still hope.