Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Simpsons Avatar

Thanks to Erika Jean for pointing out the site for the new Simpsons movie coming out later this month that lets you create your own Simpson avatar. Here is mine. I love the t-shirt.

The site is a little bandwidth intensive, but fun to play around with. Beside making an avatar, you can take a tour of Springfield and play some games as well. I didn't do too well playing 3 card Moe at Moe's tavern, but I was assessed a 'hot tamale' on the Love Tester located there.


~Carla~ said...

This is how you spent your 4th of July? I thought for sure you would have gone flying, or something cool like that.. :)

Erika said...

haha I love it!

Dianne said...

I like your Simpsons avatar better than your Mii. You need to edit it to give it the Homer Simpson "scuzzy" look, though.