Saturday, July 28, 2007

Textile Project

My project for the day was to take some photos for the "Macro Mondays" Flickr group. This week's theme is textiles. I used the exercise as another way to experiment with my new flash units. I'm getting a better feel for the effects created when you move them around or change the flash intensity. There are a lot of options to consider. I put some of the photos together in a mosaic shown below using fd's Flickr toys. You can also go here to see the entire textile set or click on the captions below to go to a larger version of each block in the mosaic. I think my favorite is the block in the lower right (textile 10). What do you think?

Many thanks to Cathy for providing a bag of fabric for this experiment!

Textile Composite

1. Textile 9, 2. Textile 8, 3. Textile 7, 4. Textile 6, 5. Textile 5, 6. Textile 4, 7. Textile 20, 8. Textile 19, 9. Textile 18, 10. Textile 17, 11. Textile 16, 12. Textile 15, 13. Textile 14, 14. Textile 13, 15. Textile 12, 16. Textile 10

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