Sunday, July 15, 2007

South Pacific and Birthday Saturday

Can It Be?On Saturday we went up to the Dayton area to visit the Dayton Gotos. It was a couple days after Catherine's 5th birthday and they had an additional celebration for the family. You can see all the photos I took in a Flickr set here (click on each thumbnail to see a larger image). This was my favorite photo of the bunch. Remember how you were so excited opening presents as a kid -- especially when you opened something you thought was really cool? That expression says it all. Although I have to say she thought everything was just "adorable."

After dinner we went to see the Epiphany Lutheran Church production of South Pacific. I had never seen that musical before. They did a great job and there were several solid voices in the cast. Of course the most important performers were my brother-in-law, Dean, and niece, Christina. Here are a couple photos of them on stage. I have others here, here, and here.

South Pacific - Islanders

South Pacific - Dean

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Carol said...

Thanks, Earl, I knew I could count on you to put some pictures on your blog tonight!