Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jason's CRG Photos

In case all you roller derby fans didn't notice, Jason Bechtel posted his photos from last Sunday's match between the Cincinnati Rollergirls and the Burning River Roller Girls. Click here to see his Flickr photo set. As I've said before, his photos are excellent -- even more impressive given the lighting conditions in a roller rink.

My favorites from Jason's set include his series below showing The Librarian giving it her all to block the very tall BRRG skater Rogue Cheddar. The Librarian was taking on a mountain of a pivot to make a path for the jammer, EMolition. The Librarian seemed set up well...blocking from inside out and getting a solid hit in. But she just bounced off and went down. I think Jason's photo series was taken just before my photo showing her on the floor. It's that type of heart, taking on someone about twice your size, that makes it fun to watch the CRG team. To see Jason's full size versions of these Librarian photos, click here for 1, here for 2, here for 3, and here for 4. Thanks to Jason for posting another great set of photos. Check 'em out!

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The Librarian said...

As embarrassing and humorous as that sequence of photos seems to make me sound like a super blocker! Thank you so much for the complements! Maybe I should change my name to "Scrappy-doo" ;-)