Sunday, October 28, 2007

Leaf Flight

Fall ColorsIt was a beautiful Autumn day here in the Cincinnati area. Very few clouds in the sky made for a nice day to check out the fall colors and get some photos from the air.

In the afternoon I went flying North and West of the Cincinnati area. I first went over the Caesar Creek state park area and then flew West to Richmond, IN. With the sun still so high in the sky there was a lot of afternoon heating that created thermals and some turbulence. It was especially noticeable around Caesar Creek which explains why there is a soaring club there. Even at a shutter speed of 1/800th I had some blurry photos. The photo to the right is one I took around the edge of Caesar Creek lake. The leaves are looking good with lots of yellow, some red, and still some green. In another week or so many of the yellow leaves will be gone as will most of the green. Click here for another photo of the park and click here to see the bridge across the lake. The photo below was taken somewhere between Middletown, OH and Richmond.

Fall Colors HDR


Swany Photography/Web Design said...

you can fly... i'm jealous

...i think you win this round....

Great aerial photos.

Jose said...

Hello Earl,

You take some really nice aerial photos! It must take some skill to pilot an aircraft and take aerial photos as well, assuming you are a pilot.

All the best to you, and thanks for visiting my blog!


Erika said...

so pretty! Amazing colors. I love that we are FINALLY getting some of that color!

I'm going to attempt light graffiti with my sister tonight... look for a post sometime this week!

Earl said...

Swany -- thanks for stopping by.

Jose -- I cheat a bit when I'm by myself. I use the autopilot when I'm snapping a photo.

Erika -- I'll look for those photos. I've seen a couple here and there on Flickr and they can be pretty cool.

~Carla~ said...

That looks like my house down in that mix of colors!!!!! Ok, not really, but I thought I'd share that comment. One day, I'll get Bob to meet you at the Warren County airport, considering its 3 mins from the house.. :D