Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Black-Eyed Buckeyes This Sunday

CRG on the AttackThis Sunday is the last home event for the Cincinnati Rollergirls when they host the Burning River Roller Girls from Cleveland. The battle of these two Ohio teams is billed as the "black-eyed buckeyes." This match will be at Castle Skateland in Loveland. I'm sure the place will be packed, so get your tickets early.

From the couple of news article links off the BRRG website, they've been skating together for a couple years. However only this year, starting in April, the BRRG had roughly monthly intra-league public bouts among their own 4 teams -- sounds a lot like the first year of the CRG group. Now they've put a traveling team together to head south to Cincinnati. You can see the photos of the BRRG all star team here, although their names aren't posted with the pictures.

I couldn't readily see on their website which of the BRRG skaters are on their traveling team. Why am I even interested you ask? Well, from this article in the Lakewood Observer I see that one of their skaters is a chemist! From a quick look at skater names, I first thought it might be Sister Mary Cyanide. However both Dita von Bitch and Professor Booty mention science interests in their bio and Booty mentions being in lab. Sounds like a science based team. I also noticed in this article that one of the BRRG skaters is a librarian. Seems like a lot of librarians are into roller derby. If she is on the traveling team, it'll be an interesting shush-fest match-up against The Librarian. If you didn't notice, Miss Print posted the CRG line up a few weeks ago.

Don't miss the last home CRG event this Sunday. It starts well after the Bengals game is over. And unlike the Bengals, hopefully the CRG group will go undefeated this year!

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