Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some Leaves

The leaves are finally starting to get some color here. Because it was such a dry summer, some of the leaves just died and don't have much color. But there are some nice colors. It's a pretty time of year.

Here are a few leaf macros. The first is a partially curled up maple leaf. The second is the underside of a dried, curled leaf. I used a direct flash from the right and a diffused flash from the left to accentuate the veins. The bottom photo is a leaf I pressed flat and let dry. Not a lot of color, but I like the texture.

Maple Leaf

Leaf Underside



Beth Ellen said...

Lovely detail in the leaves. I like how you showcased them. Leaving them in the grass often takes away from what you want to show in the leaf itself. :)

Erika said...

I've noticed the color too! I love it!

I like the second picture the texture is amazing!

A.J.Reams said...

Lovely photographs. I love this time of year too! I've never had much luck photographing leaves.