Sunday, January 27, 2008

Essencha Tea House

Today Dianne and I went to the Essencha Tea House in the Oakley part of the greater Cincinnati area. I had read a lot of good reviews of the place in the paper and on-line in the Foodie Report. A friend gave me an Essencha gift card as a Christmas gift. We decided to stop in and check out the place.

It's a very nice store with a relatively small, modern style seating area. It has a more modern look than Churchill's downtown. A good place to relax, try some tea, and chat. As you can see on their website, Essencha has many loose leaf teas and tea paraphernalia as well as lunch and fancy dessert items. Dianne tried the bubble tea and I had a cup of Assam while there. I also bought some Lapsang Souchong (or stinky tea as Dianne calls it) and Darjeeling loose leaf tea. The loose leaf tea comes in very solid, well sealed metal containers.

I was impressed with the store. It's a convenient location for us. If you've been there, I'm curious what you thought or how it compares to your favorite tea spot. We'll be stopping there again when we're in the area.


Anonymous said...

Essencha is my favorite spot too. I can't get their bubble tea anywhere else. I love the Jasmine Lychee. They make it fresh daily and use quality loose leaf tea.

I am so glad they've opened their store. I wonder when they'll open their next one in Mason.

lnielsen said...

I was always a coffee person but I'm starting to like tea as well. You are so lucky to be near a nice tea house. I'm in middle of no where and I so envy you! Recently, my ex co-worker sent me matcha green tea powder for my birthday. I've never tried it and I was wondering if you can advise me how to brew this? tea