Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sugar Photos

CrystalsThis week the theme for the Macro Mondays group in Flickr is sugar. My first thought was to recrystallize some sugar -- make rock candy. I'm still working on that. It's harder to recrystallize sugar than I thought. That should have been easy for a chemist!

So I went a different route. Dianne and I made a trip to Fresh Market to get some items to illustrate the sugar theme. The photo at the right is a macro of the colored sugar crystal sprinkles on the frosting of a cupcake. Thanks to Dianne's suggestion, I made a triptych of the cupcake that had the sprinkles. That is the photo below. I also got a nice shot of some gummi worms, a sugar cookie, and other stuff that you can see in the set here.

Cupcake Triptych


Angie said...

I've got to get a macro lens. I've always wanted to take close-ups like that.

I love the gummy worm photo! Great job!

michele said...

Now, of course, we'll all going to have candy for lunch.

Beth Ellen said...

Love the crystals. Will have to try that sometime.

Earl said...

Thanks for all the comments!

MarlaQuack said...

Nice blog, great pictures!