Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oahu's North Shore

Also on New Year's day we drove up to the North Shore to see the waves. It was a pretty nice day on the south shore, but fairly cloudy with a little passing drizzly on the north shore. Even so, I still think it's fun to check out. The waves were only about 6 feet high, but they break pretty close to shore. It's a beautiful site and a great place to watch the surfers. One surfer was doing repeated jumps and flips off the waves. When I went closer to get some photos, I saw a photographer near the water taking pictures of only that surfer. The photographer had a HUGE telephoto lens, so I'm sure he got some good shots of those stunts. The set of three photos below shows one of his jumps. I put a few other photos below. You can see the salt spray coming off the crashing waves in the second photo. The third photo shows the sun coming through a break in the clouds. The last one is a surfer picking a spot to enter the surf and get to the action.

Click here to go to Flickr to see other photos from New Year's Day. When there, click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo.

Flipping Over The Wave



Looking to Enter

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Sac said...

Your pictures from there are AWESOME!!

Can't wait to see ya flickering away by the track!

Sista Sacralicious