Monday, February 11, 2008

Cutting Edge Macro Photos

The theme for this week's macro photo project was "cutting edge." I went with the sharp edge interpretation of the theme. The first photo below is another one of my professional finger model, Dianne. It's not real blood. I used cherry concentrate to simulate blood. The second photo illustrates a really sharp knife -- one that can split hairs. Actually Dianne was able to find a split end in her hair. It took me forever to get that positioned properly across the knife blade. The last shot is obvious. I started the hole and then disconnected the drill and carefully moved everything into my homemade light tent to illuminate the drill bit.

The Bleeding Edge

Splitting Hairs



Angie said...

I love the curly q's from the wood. Great job on all 3.

~Carla~ said...

holy crap! I thought you actually chopped your finger! Phew! you're smarter than I thought. (kidding) Great shots!! :)

Damaris said...
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Damaris said...

Cool pictures! I came across your blog one very cold (and kind of boring) evening when I was Googling people I remembered fondly from college. (And who I thought may have done something Google-worthy.) I thought I'd say hello so I'd feel less like a stalker :-). I'm glad you have such a nice life.

Josh Lane said...

Great shots, Earl!

Your skills are sharp, as well.

Josh said...

I especially appreciated the first shot. Your choice of lighting created a dramatic undertone while maintaining the vibrancy of the blood.

Also, greatly appreciate the creativity behind putting together a split-end hair with the edge.

Good stuff.

Earl said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Angie -- I like the shavings too.
Carla -- Dianne's finger is ok.
Damaris -- What a pleasant surprise. Send an email.
Josh -- thanks for the kind words.