Monday, February 04, 2008


This week the Macro Mondays group on Flickr had a theme of refreshing. I wasn't too excited about the theme until I bounced the idea off Dianne and she suggested the F5 key in Windows that has a refresh function. Perfect idea for the theme -- something a little out of the ordinary. It was also a good project to get me out of the light tent and experimenting with some lighting ideas I've been reading about at the Strobist blog.

The photo below is Dianne at her laptop keyboard. I used two flashes: one high and from the rear and one low and from the right. The extra flash on the right was key to removing a harsh dark shadow on the camera side of the finger. I gave the rear flash 3 times the power of the right flash. I thought it turned out ok.



Dianne said...

Does that keyboard make my finger look fat?

Anonymous said...

Di, you have a cute finger.