Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Great Urban Race is Coming

The Great Urban Race is coming to Cincinnati on April 19th. It sounds like a local, mini version of the Amazing Race where you have to solve clues, do challenges, etc. We signed up. Join us on the race. I'm not sure how we'll do on questions about Cincinnati, but we're lining up our native Cincinnati friends to call for help.

If you're not in Cincinnati, check out their website anyway as there are many events being held in cities across the country. The events lead to the championship in Las Vegas in November.


~Carla~ said...

you're going to put Eric and Kim on your list, right?

Steph went to Ice Fest without us. :(

Earl said...

Eric is doing the race. And yes, Kim is on my phone-a-friend list.

Anonymous said...

Yo, there's one in LA too! I was thinking of doing it but my friend who I would do TAR with lives in Austin now! I may have to recruit someone else...someone high-tech with GPS phone, etc.