Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morning Equipment Check

I got to work today and was unpacking my bag when I realized I forgot my reading glasses. Yup, I left them on the computer at home last night instead of putting them in my work bag. It's not a huge deal, but it sure is annoying. I was stretching my arms to read stuff all day today.

It seems I'm always forgetting something in the morning. I need my glasses, iPod, headphones, planner or moleskine book, sometimes lunch stuff, etc. I try to put everything in it's place the night before -- or on the entry way table. Dianne has said I need a morning checklist like I have for preflighting the plane.

So this story in Wired caught my eye today. Ford has teamed up with Microsoft and Dewalt to implement an RFID system that checks the bed of your pickup truck to make sure that all of the tools you've tagged are loaded before you drive away. That's a great idea. I just need RFID tags on all my stuff and then have a reader installed in the car or near the door out of the house. An alarm could go off if I'm missing something when I leave. That's an easy solution to my lack of organization and forgetfulness.


Josh Lane said...

If I may make a suggestion...

Put and keep all your stuff in your vehicle. Specifically, I'd recommend a Honda Element.

Works for me!

Seriously, I prefer to camp in the Element when shooting because I have left equipment in hotel and motel rooms way too many times.

Hope you found your glasses. Was wondering what words you'd offer today. Perhaps, you have not yet found em.

Earl said...

I found 'em right by the computer as expected. Time to load up the car! :^)

Anonymous said...

My mom put an index card on the back door for my dad. It says:


It's at "dad height", since he's about a foot taller than mom...

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