Sunday, March 09, 2008

Calm After the Storm

The snowstorm that hit the Cincinnati area ended late afternoon on Saturday. The official snowfall measurement at the airport beat the previous record from 1968 by a tenth of an inch -- just over 10 inches for the storm. But places on the East side of the area that were closer to the low pressure system got up to 15 inches.

The wind died down and I went out to take a couple photos last night. The lights reflecting off the fresh blanket of white snow made for some interesting subjects.

The black and white photo of the ridges formed in the snowdrift was illuminated by a low light that is one of many on the path around a nearby pond. Since it's only a couple feet off the ground, the grazing light brought out the ridges of the drift.

Edge of the Drift

This photo was taken from our steps, looking down on the outside light between us and our neighbor. Dianne pointed out the interesting pile of snow on top of the light. It's an HDR image constructed from several exposures.

Outside Light

This HDR photo is one of the lakes in our complex. You can just see the lighted fountain in the distance.

Pond at Night

This HDR photo is the entry drive into our complex. The snow plows hadn't visited us yet, so the snow just got packed solid by the cars coming in and out. You can see the tail lights of one car that came in while I was setting up for the photo. I like the way the reflected light illuminates the trees that overhang the drive.

Snowy Entry


The Kman said...

Love the pictures. You are my blogging idol. Think I will start taking a look at Flickr and maybe try these assignments like you have been doing I always look forward to viewing your photo assignments.

The Librarian said...

Earl! I really love the HDR 'snowy entry' and 'pond at night' - it's amazing how they glow. Great pics!!