Sunday, March 30, 2008

CRG Pre-Season Party

Battling BandOn Saturday night I went to the Cincinnati Rollergirls' 2008 pre-season party at the Cincinnati Gardens called the Rock-n-Rollergirls: Battle for the Bouts. There were several local bands at the party who were looking for the honor of playing at half-time during the home season opener on April 12th. There wasn't a huge crowd, but it was a nice event with stuff for the kids early on, a derby match demo, and a full contact musical chairs competition. I took a few photos that you can see in my Flickr set here.

The most animated event was the full contact musical chairs -- in short, the traditional musical chairs game but in roller derby style. There were Lamb Chops and chairs tumbling all over the place. You get a sense of that in this shot from one of the early rounds. Fireman Bill had his hands full judging the competition.

Musical Chairs 3

The Librarian and Roseanne Scarr had a struggle for one of the last chairs of an early round. This diptych shows a bit of the battle.

Roller Derby Musical Chairs

In the end it came down to Arche Enemy and Roseanne Scarr vying for the last chair.

The Last Chair

Roseanne came out on top -- although Sk8 Crime tried to foil her victory. Here is Roseanne taking a victory lap.

Victory Lap


Lauren Bishop said...

Earl, these are fantastic! Thanks for coming out!

Roseanne Scarr, #18 said...

I told them those chairs were mine. :P

Earl said...

Thanks for the comments!

Sista Sacralicious said...

You are AWESOME Earl! We are so lucky to have as a fan - friend!

P.S. Arche Enemy is going down for the chair she stole from me! : )