Monday, May 12, 2008

Honda's FCX

You may have seen the TV ads for Honda's new hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX. I saw the ad several times before I saw the url of the website for the car. It's a neat concept that uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power an electric motor. Unfortunately, because you need a hydrogen refueling station, the distribution in 2008 is only in a few cities in Southern California. Seems like an expensive, nationwide ad campaign to create the buzz for a small region of the country. It'll be interesting to see how the safety stats turn out for the car -- both when in operation and when refueling. The website also mentions work on home refueling stations. That would be cool. Use solar energy panels on your house to run an electrolysis apparatus to generate hydrogen from water. Fill up your car and you're ready to go. With gas prices on the rise, the economics might not be that bad.

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