Saturday, May 24, 2008

Remember the Milk

Do you keep a 'to do' list? Is it scattered in many spots? Or maybe it is organized in one spot, but not one that you can always get to readily? If so, the site Remember the Milk might be for you.

In its simplest form, Remember the Milk is a web service that maintains your to do list. But it goes way beyond having to log in to see your list. The service interacts with many different sites and devices such as Twitter, Gmail, iGoogle, Google Calendar, Blackberries, iPhone, or the iPod Touch. I just set up the service myself yesterday. I like the interface with the Google Calendar as Dianne and I have a shared calendar set up already.

So if you're out and about and want to jot a to do item, you can send it to RTM (I do it via Twitter on my phone) and the item gets added to your list. You can access your list almost anywhere with a Blackberry or iPhone, or near a WiFi spot with an iPod Touch. If you establish contacts you can create todo items for others. That might be dangerous :^)

Anyone else tried Remember the Milk? Let me know so I can assign some to dos to you.

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