Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cicadas Are Back

When Dianne and I were walking to the Blue Ash Memorial Day parade, Dianne noticed several cicadas and their exoskeletons on trees near the Hunt Road House. There wasn't any noise, so they must have recently emerged from the ground and started their climb up the tree. The first photo below shows one that had just shed the exoskeleton and was moving its wings in the sunshine. The second shot shows one trying to emerge. Actually, it was hard to tell if it was stuck or dead, but it was interesting to see how the back splits and they come out. If you want to brush up on your cicada anatomy, I found this site pretty interesting.

Just Emerged

Coming Out of Your Shell


Angie said...

Wow, that second shot is amazing. I've never seen them emerge before.

melissa said...

Great macros of the cicadas! I've been taking some photos of them myself. I only own two lenses (beleive it or not)and neither one can do the cicadas any justice.

Lauren Bishop said...

Great pics! They're all over my place in Kenwood too. :P

Earl said...

It's been loud the last few days! :^)