Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring Memories

We had a huge maple tree in our backyard where I grew up. I had a tree house and sandbox at the base of the tree. Every Spring the seeds would appear, dry up, fall off and spin to the ground around the maple. There were seeds everywhere! I was always intrigued by their shape and how they resembled a helicopter blade spinning when they fell.

Dianne and I were out for a walk on Sunday, trying to get my back loosened up a bit, when I saw those seeds on a small maple tree in the neighborhood. I grabbed a couple to take some pictures. I like the way this turned out. I used a grazing flash to accentuate the texture of the seed. I don't remember them being so fuzzy -- maybe this isn't so apparent when they are dry or perhaps it's a different type of maple.

Click here to see a larger version on a black background.

Helicopter Seed

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Erika said...

So pretty. They probably are fuzzy cause they are still "fresh" I remember them falling as they turn brown...?