Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alternative Manapua

One of my favorite things to eat when going to Hawaii is manapua. Check out this old post for a picture of a manapua we picked up at a favorite place around Daiei (or Don Quijote) market near Ala Moana. There is a wikipedia entry about manapua and the Ono Kine Grindz site has some great pictures.

What prompted this post was an organization of my RSS feeds. I was looking at the Hawaii Stories site and happened to stumble across a series of posts about different flavors for manapua. There are four links: original, first follow-up, second follow-up, and third follow-up. Yikes! Most of them seem to be 7-11 experiments that have gone horribly wrong. Anyone tried these alternatives?


Carol said...

I have never eaten a manapua from 7-11, but because of soccer, I have ordered manapuas from Chun Wah Kam which make mini manapuas, too! Talk about variety! Here's a list: Chicken - bba, shoyu, garlic and Thai curry. Also azuki red bean, pizza, kalua pig, spicy pork, roast duck, teri beef, lup cheong, sweet potato, baked pizza, and Niku man (Japanese style with pork hash, shitake mushroom and onions). Next time you come here, let's go! No pb&j tho.

Earl said...

Some of those might not be too bad. We'll have to go to try it out.