Monday, February 05, 2007

Too Cold for the Robins

Winter rainAt the beginning of January I wondered if there would be a winter. It was exceptionally warm here and we had so much rain there were flood watches issued regularly. The photo to the right is of berries on the tree outside our place during a rain shower. The ground was warm and after a rain you’d see worms on the surface. There was a robin hanging around our place too. He had plenty to eat.

Then the temperatures started getting more seasonable and in the last couple weeks it has been cooler-than normal. The robin stuck it out though. I heard the robin’s song in the morning when loading up the car. I’d see him going to our tree every now and then to pluck a berry for lunch. He was searching for food to tide him over until things warmed up again.

The last few days have been very cold here. The high today was about 30 degrees less than normal. This morning it was 3 degrees outside. A little wind made it feel very cold when I was brushing the snow off the cars. And it was quiet outside. Mr. Robin wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I think he finally went south to find some greener pastures until the warmer temperatures are here to stay.

Let’s hope Punxsutawney Phil is correct and we’ll have an early spring this year. I'm listening for the robins.

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