Thursday, February 22, 2007

Seasoned Skewers

I’m not a huge marinade fan. One reason is that marinades usually have a lot of salt. That’s a big killer for me. Also, many of them have onion bits which is a killer for Dianne. Aside from the ingredient limitations, another reason is marinades take planning and time in order to get a good flavor from the effort. That’s tough to do during the work week.

Apparently the folks at Callison’s Fine Foods spent some time thinking about these problems and how to address them with a new product. I just read about their new Seasoned Skewers. They are skewers with seasoning embedded in the wood. They come in various flavors and the product claims the meat is seasoned from the inside out in 15 minutes. The nutritional information looks good with zero salt. Their ‘where to buy’ section says they’re available in the Cincinnati area at Cooks’Wares at Harper’s Point and Sur la Table at Rookwood. Anybody out there given them a try? I’m curious how well they season the meat. Seems like something you could use not only for traditional grilling but also for broiling or on the George Foreman grill.

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