Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Secret In-N-Out Menu

I'm not a huge fast food fan, but when I'm traveling in California, Nevada, or Arizona I always keep an eye out for an In-N-Out Burger place. They have the best fries! It has to be the fresh ingredients that make them so tasty.

While surfing around this weekend, I ran across a post on the PreZ who? blog where the PreZ describes the secret In-N-Out ordering tips. I'll have to give the extra crispy fries a try next time I'm at In-N-Out.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of that burger place. Pennsylvania is always at least a decade behind the rest of the country anyway. I enjoyed my visit to Earl World.

Josh Lane said...

Oh, I've heard of it. In n' Out is nothing short of the promised land of milk and honey.

Their food is absolutely incredible.

My road tripping has taken me to many an In n' Out, lately. I am pleased to report that the well-done fries are great! You can also get them extra well-done. If you like shoestring potatoes, you'll love them cooked this way!!!

Thanks for sharing, Earl!