Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy Saturday

Stonelick Park BeachI started Saturday with an instrument flight proficiency check. Aside from some practice a couple weeks ago, it had been quite awhile since I had flown by instruments alone. I wasn't considered current. One way to get current is to take a proficiency check that involves flying with an instructor and performing various prescribed maneuvers, instrument approaches, and a hold. We flew from Blue Ash, to Lunken, to Clermont County, and then back to Blue Ash. Since it was such a beautiful day (check out the sky in the picture to the right), I had to wear goggles that limited my view to only the instrument panel. I did fine and received a sign off.

Shaw FarmsAfter lunch Dianne and I drove out East of the Milford, Ohio area to visit Shaw Farms. Some folks at work were talking about the fall harvest activities there so we decided to pay a visit. There are a lot of activities for kids including stuff to play on, hayrides, farm animals, a cornfield maze, music, etc. as well as lots of pumpkins, gourds, corn, hay, apples, and preserves to buy. It was a nice stop to make on a warm, sunny day. The photo shows some of the mums, piles of pumpkins, and kid activities available. I also got some photos for the latest Macro Monday project involving fruits and vegetables. A little farther down the road we stopped at another farm (I forget the name) and saw them pressing apples to make apple cider.

Stonelick Park BeachA little farther Northeast is Stonelick state park. The park is constructed around a large lake. We drove around the park and stopped at the beach. Even though it was a beautiful day, the beach was pretty dead except for a couple people and a couple of kayaks and a canoe. The photo at the top of the page was taken at the park as well as the photo to the right. It's just a little bit early to see a lot of fall colors on the trees. We hung out for awhile on a bench and then drove through the park -- OK, we were trying to exit but ended up drive through most of the park by mistake. There were quite a few people camping with trailers and tents.

After that we wandered back toward Cincinnati. We stopped for a bit at Raymond Walters to take some pictures for a pre-lab discussion on how to properly measure volume, length, and temperature. You'd be surprised how many people have trouble reading and recording the liquid level in glassware. Hopefully this will help them get started on the right foot.


Erika said...

I used to work at that little farm down the way. Rousters Apple House. Best cider. Best apples. mmm. I worked there 5 years!

Shaw's is the best... we went there every year as kids to get our pumpkins!

~Carla~ said...

ya know, I thought I might have actually seen Tony this weekend flying above my house - but I don't think you were up by the warren county airport from what your blog says. :) Was a BEAUTIFUL weekend.. Oh, and nice new pictures!!!

Slacker, some of us have to WORK on Fridays... (j/k)

Earl said...

Erika -- thanks for the Rousters name. Just couldn't remember it. The apple press they have looked old.

Carla -- you're right that we didn't get that far north. It was a beautiful weekend.

peteej said...

Wow! That top photo is beautiful. Such a deep blue sky.

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lovely place, perfect picture of the lake.