Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wonder Why Wednesday

I stopped at the grocery store tonight. We needed a couple things and I thought I'd scan the aisles for some typical items. I got to the olive shelves and was looking for some sliced black olives that weren't the store brand. The top three shelves were filled with green olive products that were pitted and stuffed with various items. The bottom couple shelves had black olives -- various sizes, whole, sliced, etc. While looking at the shelves, I noticed all the green olive products were packaged in glass containers and all the black olive products were packaged in cans. Why is that? Seems like with lined can technology today you could put acidic or salty things in cans. Thoughts?


Dianne said...

Look here.

It's called Google. Try it sometime.

Dianne said...

This answer seems a bit more credible.

Josh Lane said...

Interesting observation. Checked out Dianne's link. I would not have guessed it.

Suppose that's why we also have yet to see fresh, canned pickles.

Earl said...

Why Google myself when I have Dianne powered auto-Google?

Even Josh reaped the benefits of my auto-Google.