Friday, September 07, 2007

My First HDR Images

I've wanted to play with high dynamic range (HDR) images for awhile. An HDR image represents an exaggerated dynamic range of light intensity in a single image. I think it's nice for situations with very light spots and shadows where you want to bring out the detail in both areas. That's often hard to do in a single image. HDR images give some interesting effects.

Just this week I got the Photomatix Pro software that creates HDR images from multiple images with varying exposures. Today I took some shots to try the software. This week the Macro Monday theme is 'rust.' While visiting Michele and John's garden, I noticed the outdoor basketball hoop next door had some interesting rust areas. I took some macro shots and used the Photomatix software to render some HDR versions. They turned out well for a first attempt. On the image below, you notice a shadow across the bottom portion of the hex nut. The rust detail in that shadow area was lost in a single image. By combining 4 images with various exposures, I brought out the detail in all the light and dark areas (like the spider web and rust on the bottom of the nut). Compare the HDR image below to this single image of a nearby area. The light was pretty flat as it was a bit cloudy. The rust detail on the single image just doesn't jump out as much. Check out my other HDR rust images here and here.

Thanks to Chris for pointing me in the right direction for HDR and panorama software. Check out his wonderful photos here.



Josh Lane said...

Love this shot. The detail and range is truly amazing. Been meaning to try out HDR for some time. Thanks for the inspiration.

Nice shot!

Chris Thompson said...

Great shot! Thanks for the kind words!

michele said...

Stunning shot. That basketball goal never looked so good. It's coming down as soon as we can get together with our neighbor and his "saws through anything saw". Did you want us to save you any pieces?